(Updated) Listen and Hear the Truths


13418546_10154977446964972_2857183093890874567_oYesterday I posted my first and last op-ed about the terrible Orlando massacre that occurred this past weekend with the note I’d be sharing the extended reading in a separate post. Here is that promised post. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and as I continue to read, I will add updates.

Please read. Please listen.

And, if you have any appropriate links, please share them in the comments.

Extended reading (Updated 6/16/16):

After the Orlando Shooting: Finding Hope and Healing as a Gay Latino

Dear straight allies: please don’t come to Pride until you’ve understood these 6 things

Fuck Your Prayers for Orlando

How LGBTQ People Of Color Are Dealing With Orlando: Code Switch Podcast, Episode 4

More than Blood

Statement from the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity on the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Florida

To my heterosexual friends: this is why Orlando hurts

The Choice is Clear

Trans and Queer Latinx Respond to Pulse Orlando Shooting

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